An Animal Ruined My Vacation: Dirty Dolphin

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freebearride says:

what a slut

sc4v3ng3r says:

Can’t call that one a “dry hump”.

jordangun says:


itscrazytrevor says:

@simonsan What about Dolphins that do Legitimate Rape on people? Is that a crime? Some try to say she was asking for it but I say she should always be wearing a Rape Condom Axe to be protected from these sorts of attacks!

MuhammadEgypt says:

So that means that some animals get horny over a naked human body. Oh, that’s weird. Would he have done it with a man? I wonder!

HeavyMetalGurke says:

nice boobs

bencho8787 says:


SamuraiX38 says:


pnwilliams7 says:

Awkward, yes but thanks Barbie for having such a great sense of humor. Nature at its finest! :) )

KlumpeliI says:

mermaids :D

FPVsean says:

The heck am I watching??

mrlcp38 says:

look at it in the Bright side it only happens ones in a million,

xerexius says:

wtf dolphin fugging a pig O_O

khayari1 says:

Wtf there is no men to make it with dolfan

awe414 says:

These pregnant women now half Dolphin and the other half baby * _ *

urb8t says:


alpha001ful says:

Animal Sex on Youtube

Akashic8Lamb says:

NatGeo has gone retarded.

bulldoggrrr says:


MidoriMartini says:

So it turns out that dolphins are not only intelligent, they are also horny as fcuk lol.

djerez8 says:

LMAO very clever



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etornel79 says:

i too like thick chicks..i too would tap it!..time to put on my dolphin suite and go to the beach!…ps…i don’t think it was the dolphin that stunk..i think someone got “wet”..

NOTE: act wild and untamed!..and remember not to respond to english!..

Alex35J says:

1:59 she meant bitch slapped her dolphin style lol

bleachrox567 says:

And that’s how mermaids are made.

StraussEmilie says:

hjahaha so funny!

Alex35J says:

that dolphin was on that. she knows she likes it x) lol

pkmnmaster29 says:


crocodylus73 says:

Dolphin’s doin’ the humpty hump!

TehDoomVideos says:


All4mula says:

illegitimate rape

DonSnowblood says:

Even dolphins can’t withstand pussy.

supermarioteam1 says:

……Moving on…

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